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LCN Nails – The Elite Nail System

This natural-looking product is a remarkably shock-resistant, nail strengthening system with high elasticity, which is particularly useful for everyday use. Bacterial infections are unlikely – it is a non-porous product, which minimises infection risk. As it is acid and solvent-free, there are no toxic vapours and no harsh chemical odours.
Full set with forms £35
Fill £30
File and seal (quick buff and seal) £20
Repair (per nail) £5
Durability: Up to 3 weeks
Drying: LED
Removal: We strongly recommend removal by a professional LCN nail designer with an electric file unit


LCN WOW Hybrid Polish treatments

LCN WOW Hybrid gel polish is ideal for clients with natural or artificial nails who do not require a ‘permanent’ polish effect. It has a lightly plumping or smoothing effect for ridges or unevenness. Removal time is conveniently minimal.
Express manicure: Colour or French polish £20
Express pedicure: Colour or French polish £25
File, buff and polish £15
Durability: Up to 10 days
Drying: Natural daylight
Removal: Acetone-free nail polish remover


LCN Recolution Gel treatments

LCN Recolution is a UV colour, solvent-free, ‘permanent’ polish system.
Express manicure: Colour or French gel £25
Express pedicure: Colour or French gel £30
Gel soak off, buff and new application £20
Soak off £5
Durability: A minimum of 14 days
Drying: LED
Removal: Soak off


Cosmetic toenail reconstruction

Pedique toenail reconstruction involves the application of a light-cured problem-solving synthetic resin that contains an AM-factor (anti-myotic). This makes it effective in the treatment of fungal nail infections.
Pedique toenail correction (large toenail) £10
Pedique toenail correction (small toenail) £5

Junior Manicure

12 years and under
WOW polish or Recolution gel £15
Fiber Tech gel and forms £20

Special Relaxation treatment

Basic manicure and pedicure (40 minutes) with an added 30-minute soothing Reiki and Hypnotherapy relaxation/energy healing session.
Per treatment £50